Best Practices Directory

Cloud Migration and Modernization

Solution directory for Cloud Migration and Modernization best practices and vendor services.

Best Practices

Migration Analysis and Strategy

Audit and analysis of on-premise IT estate and devising a migration strategy.

Service Provider Best Practices

Specific tools and practices for migrating to AWS, Azure and Google.

Vendor Tools and Services

Third party migration tools and professional services.

Expert Blogs

Regular news and insights covering:

Architecture Driven Modernization

Planning migration and transformation through Business Architecture.

Legacy Modernization

Strategies for modernizing complex legacy applications as part of migrations.

Lessons learned

Industry professionals share their experiences of Cloud Migration projects.

Product news

Updates on the migration programs from AWS, Azure and Google.

Data migration

Tools and practices for migration complex data sets to the Cloud.

Vendor showcase

Catalogue of third party tools and where and how they can be applied.

Solution Guides

Ebooks draw together best practices and vendor capabilities from across the knowledge base and direct them towards specific use case scenarios.

Our guide offers a framework for planning the scope of a Cloud Migration project.

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Vendor Directory

Hosted service for planning and managing Cloud migrations.

Solution Architect

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Sauce Labs

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Budgetary Allocation

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